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Truck Pictorial Book  (Detailed description will be displayed when you click the image)

2t Truck

2tH Truck

2tKG Truck

2t Hood G Truck
2tK Truck
2t Rinboban Truck
3t Truck

3tHG Truck

4t Truck

4tW Truck

4tHG Truck
4tAWG Truck
4tAH Truck
4tAU Truck
4tAHG Truck
10t Truck〜

10tAW Truck
10tAH Truck
10tAWG Truck
20t Traile
15t Hood Truck

By Application List

Furnituredelivery vehicles

Gas car

event transport vehicles
air conditioning car
Packer car
Roller arm car
Safety loader car
Induction car

Truck term dictionary

『A』=Air suspension car It is a car that travels to absorb vibrations in the regulation of air. Ride is good to absorb well the fine vibration, and to maintain a constant vehicle height in the control of air pressure. Order to reduce the impact of luggage carrying by the absorption of vibration, you can carry your luggage safely. Also, gently ride is good even for the passenger, as a standard feature in high-speed bus, including the track Has been adopted.
『w』=Wing car It is a vehicle that (wing) is on wing of the track. Like the wings of birds, panel on both sides of the carrier opens and closes It is easy to work in order to be a forklift or the like, such as loading and unloading pallets.
『K』=Container car The laden van (box) to carrier refers to the track the vehicle body is in a box shape. Because there is a ceiling, do not have to worry about the damage to the consignment caused by the direct rays of the sun and rain box car. You can transport the luggage it in peace because it does not lose load in any weather.
『U』=Unic car I say that the car crane is attached. Plays a role, such as the human arm, crane or you can drop off or even lifting heavy luggage can not have the power of the people. Sharp turn so sharp arm rotates 360 degrees and is also used in heavy load transport in narrow.
『H』=Flat car I refers to the track of a carrier plane there is no ceiling. With no roof, at the time of unloading, the crane or also during loading Work of using the overhead crane is possible. You can also carry high transport cargo that does not take a box car.
『G』=Gate car Lifter (elevator) is mounted to the rear of the track, raising and lowering of freight It is a vehicle that can be easily operated by an electric motor. You can reduce the time and manpower that it took conventional at the time of loading and unloading time. In the transport of fragile from heavy, you can reduce the load of the driver and workers.
Safety loader It is a vehicle transport car carrier is in sliding back. Of motorcycles and passenger cars It is used when carrying heavy construction equipment. By carrier to slide, and gentle to the ground Slope can be the vehicle easier loading by using this slope. In addition, some types of the entire carrier is parallel to the ground completely.
Trailer It is a vehicle to transport the cargo driven, such as truck and tractor and trailer. We call trailer refers to the part of the organization all the accompanying car that does not have a power source and start the car.
Forklift It is a vehicle to move or adjust the height in the luggage nail attached to the front. It is often used when loading and unloading from trucks and cargo handling in the warehouse. Has a reach type fork and counter type fork fork as a representative, counter fork In order to do sitting, you can do the work in a stable in bad road and outdoors. On the other hand, in compact order to perform the operation while standing is flexible and I am reach fork in the warehouse work Is suitable.
Packer It is called the garbage car also refuse collection vehicles in a typical vehicle that is being used for industrial waste collection. It is equipped with the ability to push the compression packing box automatically collect garbage at the rear of the vehicle. It consists of a body part to store the garbage and waste inlet, three-part that can be discharged to waste after compression. There rotation formula version, compressed version formula, packing box is rotating as the main types.
Induction car When the vehicle that exceeds the size and weight of a certain way to the public road, be placed before or after the induction car is mandatory. It is the responsibility of the car induction is carried out to ensure the safety of the surrounding when the special vehicle passes through the intersection or curve. Induction car was placed Patoranpu, commercial radio, reflective plate, and then the induction I put it in the rear or the front of the vehicle a large sticker that is described as such as "during induction".
air conditioning car It is a vehicle equipped with air conditioning function. By luggage compartment can be temperature control, also winter worry of condensation, cargo room temperature But you can maintain a constant temperature in the heat wave that will raise. It is equipped with essential goods transport delicate, such as precision equipment and semiconductor.
Gas car Of low-emission vehicles fueled by liquefied petroleum gas () energy efficiency LP gas with low CO2 emissions Thing. When compared to ordinary car CO2 emissions of LPG vehicles, and there is a 12% reduction about minus Are. By using tax incentives and subsidies to LPG vehicles adopters, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the LPG car Promoting We are working.
Roller arm car A vehicle that desorption apparatus human arm like (Arm) is equipped with an arm roll, I called the arm roller car usually desorption car body system as a whole. By hooking the hook of the carrier (nail) hook that is attached to the tip of the arm, It is possible to be de-installed at will the carrier. Is used as a delivery vehicle industry, by disconnecting the container carrier portion, while working to Narrow mating The feature is that it is able to move the vehicle.
hood car There is a canopy frame of the pipe made the part of the blue of the body of flat track body, it is a vehicle to be used over the hood sheet on it. Because you can freely set the hood of bone loading platform, and it is to be able to adjust the height of the loading platform in accordance with the cargo. Material or polyester surface is often hood sheet, I will protect the cargo from wind, rain.

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