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CLP(Custom Logistics Package)

Shinnippon Express group offers total logistics management, which is totally tailor-made in accordance with each client’s needs and requests. We handle various operational tasks as one-stop-package, conducting pre-and post-process of logistical operations as well as shipping. For clients, outsourcing non-core businesses enables clients not only let them focus on their core business but also benefits them by work efficiency improvement and cost-reduction achievement.


Because minimizing unproductive time on completing non-core work surrounding logistics, excessive time and cost would be reduced. You can expect the increase of the cash flow and compress the working capital.

 Our originalWeb System, which is designed for each client, will allow visualization of work progress. Since the web system is built to conform to the customer’s business model, progress management will be dramatically simplified and become feasibly controlled.

Compared to outsourcing different works to various different enterprises, unifying the numbers of outsourced works with us will lead to improvement in quality and work efficiency, such as no necessity to eliminate overlapping work.

@ Pre-operation

Through needs assessment, we plan and design the highly qualified and optimum logistics operation including development of project-driven Web management system.
A Mission-critical-task

 Logistics oriented works, such as shipping, warehousing, packing, installation constructing, or distributive processing, etc.
B Post-operation

Maintenance and repair services, handling industrial waste, and other kinds of follow-up services.

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