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Shinnippon Group carries out CSR to contribute to the development of permanent society, and improve our sustainable corporate value.

It is mandatory for a company to acknowledge the importance of legal compliance and establish an ‘internal control system’ to ensure the achievement of corporate governance. From the aspect of our business category, our goal of compliance is highly associated with energy consumption. We will continue to make the best efforts to reduce exhaust emissions and energy consumption.

Today, in Japan, when there are laws making recycling obligatory, the responsibilities of consumers and companies are being emphasized; it is highly recommended that a cap of pet bottles is collected to be sent to NPO specialized in pet-bottle reuse project.

 However, the NPO is very small entity, so that they experience short in both man-power and time to go pick-up collected caps from corporate firms and individuals. Therefore, we made a spontaneous offer to collect them and deliver with our assets of trucks. Shinnippon Express Co., Ltd and the NPO named ‘Mate’ collaboratively work together for volunteer activity. Result of a sufficient consideration on environmental aspects, we dare not to make trucks deadhead, but promote effective utilization of trucks by picking-up and dropping off the caps on the way to original destination. In this way, we can minimize the total emission, not adding more pollution to inevitable amount of emission when shipping.

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